A Guide to Maintaining the Effectivity of Your Best Hiking Boots

Maintaining your hiking boots may become difficult if not done frequently. It’s important to clean them during and after vigorous walking. If you are still looking for a new hiking boots, check here for reviews.


How to Maintain Your Hiking Boots

  1. Remove the debris from the soles of your boots by banging them upside down. Banging loosens debris that has accumulated during hiking. This should be done in an area that’s away from the cabin or tent.
  1. Dig the debris from the soles of your boots by using a pocket knife or a stick. You can use another sharp instrument as an alternative to a pocket knife or stick.
  1. Remove dirt and dust from your boots by using an old toothbrush or vegetable brush. Remove the laces before brushing your boots.
  1. Allow your boots to dry overnight if they’re wet. Stuff them with a warm cloth or newspaper to help them maintain their shape. The warm cloth and newspaper absorbs moisture from your boots.
  1. Hang your boots outside if there’s no rain overnight. You can leave them at the door of a tent or cabin. You can also place them in the path of an electric fan.
  1. Remove the laces and insoles of your boots if you want to hasten the drying process. You can also open your boots as wide as possible to hasten the drying process.
  1. Don’t use a campfire, heater, or direct sunlight to dry your boots because they will cause cracks.
  1. Reduce the wetness of your boots by using dry socks during the day. Never stuff your boots with wet socks overnight.
  1. Avoid freezing or cracking your boots by leaving them outside the cabin or tent during winter hiking. Use them as a headrest or place them in a sleeping bag.
  1. Shake your boots upside down before hiking.

Well-maintained hiking boots allow you to enjoy adventure while providing comfort for your feet.

Dark Spot Correctors: How to Choose and How does it work

Today’s modern technology gave rise to the formulation of various skin care products to give solutions to dark spots and other skin problems. In Asia, a dark spot corrector is usually part of women’s skin care regimen.  The same product has also gained popularity in the United States and in other countries as well.


The effectiveness of a dark spot corrector depends on what type of dark spot your skin has on it. Acne spots as well as dyspigmentation respond well to this product as well as other over-the-counter skin medications. Other more serious skin problems such as age spots and freckles need treatments such as lasers to be removed.


Before you pay for a dark spot corrector, check first if it has key ingredients hydroquinone, kojic acid, niacinamide, alpha hydroxyl acid, vitamin C, arbutin, and retinol. This product normally would give you normal results in a matter of months, you should think twice if one is offered and claims to give good results in just days, as those may be fake ones. Continue reading…

3 Creative iPhone Accessories

It is hard (especially for me) to buy iPhone accessories after buying an iPhone 6 or plus.

If you have recently bought iPhone 6 or 6 plus, so it is a big deal to choose accessories for your new cellphone. Even though these two devices have released for a short time but many manufactures produced many accessories for them, and there are some creative ones of them. We picked top ten best accessories for iPhone.

  1. Anker MP141 Bluetooth Speaker

For a speaker sells for under $50, you usually won’t expect much more but this speaker is reasonable and has high quality. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and compatible with all iPhone models.

  1. Monoprice Portable Power Supply + LED Flash Light

Latest Monoprice has capacity of 5200mAh so it is enough to charge your iPhone for 2 times, it also can be used as a LED Flashlight.

  1. Quad Lock iPhone 6/6 Plus Mount

Even now you can’t find a convenient way to use iPhone when you cycle. There are many mounts for cellphone but most of them are only support horizontal screen phone but Quad Lock is best mount for iPhone.

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